The Election of the UNESCO Director General

A new Director General is to be elected for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization this year. A total of nine candidatures were received by the Executive Board. They are (in chronological order of reception):
  • - Mr Mohammed BEDJAOUI (Algeria) Candidature proposed by: Cambodia
  • - Mr Farouk HOSNY (Egypt) Candidature proposed by: Egypt, Kowait, Sudan, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Each candidate is to present a brief document with a vision for the future of UNESCO, and the candidates are to be interviewed by the UNESCO Executive Board in September. The Executive Board is to recommend a candidate to the General Conference, which in turn is to elect the new Director General during its meeting in October.

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Here are some articles reporting on prior elections:
Prior to the formal nominations by the representatives of member nations of UNESCO, there was a process in which various individuals were identified as potential candidates. Several individuals from Arab nations were floated as possible candidates, but eventually withdrawn in favor of Farouk Hosny. There was a considerable controversy in Brazil about two possible Brazilian candidates, neither of whom were finally nominated.

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  1. Dear John, thanks so much for sharing this info with us!

  2. Farouk Hosni, Egypt's "Culture Minister" would be a disastrous choice to lead UNESCO, in view of the social, political and cultural repression in Egypt on his watch.

    For more details see "The U.N.'s New Repressive Censor?" (http://jiw.blogspot.com/2009/09/uns-new-repressive-censor.html) posted on JIW and excerpted from The Wall Street Journal, SEPTEMBER 7, 2009.