Biographical Information for Farouk Hosny

Present Position: Minister of Culture, Arab Republic of Egypt (1987-present)

Date and Place of Birth: 1938 , Alexandria

Academic Qualification: BA; Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Alexandria, 1964

  • Cultural Animator in the General Department of Fine Arts, Ministry of Culture (1964-1969)
  • Director, Anfoushy Cultural Palace, Alexandria (1969-1971)
  • Cultural Attaché and Director of the Egyptian Cultural Centre , Paris, France (1971-1978)
  • Director of Cultural Administration and Director, Children's Cultural Centre, Cairo, and Technical Advisor to the Minister of Culture (1978-1979)
  • Deputy Director, Egyptian Arts Academy, Rome (1979-1982)
  • Director, Egyptian Art Academy and Cultural Counselor, Egyptian Embassy, Rome (1982-1987), after which he was appointed to the post of Minister of Culture till of Egypt which he still assumes
  • Part-time Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Soka Gakkai, Japan, where he was offered on honorary Ph.D. in 1993
  • Part-time Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University since 1999 till to-date
Prizes, Awards and Accreditation Merits
  • Prize, Cagne-sur-mer Festival, France
  • Honorary Ph.D., Soka Gakkai University, Japan, 1993
  • Culture and Peace Award, Soka Gakkai University, Japan, 1993
  • Grand Official Award, Government of Italy, 1999
  • Mediterranean Arts Award of the Lazio region for 2005
  • Mediterranean Sea Award of Arts for 2006
  • Grand Audio-Visual Award, International Council of Films, Television and Audio-Visuals, UNESCO Paris, July 2007
  • Grand Audio-Visual Award, International Council of Films, Television and Audio-Visuals, UNESCO Paris, July 2007
  • Mediterranean Forum Peace Award, Lecce, Italy, 2008
Other Positions and Responsibilities
  • Chairman, Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt
  • Chairman, Supreme Council of Culture, Egypt
  • Member of the Board of Trustees, Bibliotheca Alexandria
  • Member, International Committee, Qatar Museums Board
  • Member, Plastic Artists Union, Egypt
  • Member, Alexandria Atelier Group for Artists and Writers
Hobbies: Music – Theatre – Archaeology


  1. Anonymous9/14/2009

    What this garbbage doing here? He is a total ass! He ruined intenrational heritage sites in Egypt by allowing the contruction of HUGE buildings just in its vicinity. He is a shame on humanity as a whole. Please spit on his face and kick him out!

  2. Anonymous9/16/2009

    It became known to all in Egypt, that Mr. / Farouk Hosni is one of the collaborators with the military dictatorial regime which has ruled Egypt for decades, but we believe without doubt that the mere acceptance of his nomination for this important position will be as rewarding the regime in Egypt.

    UNESCO will lose credibility in our nation when the new Chairman of that great organization were a detective for a dictatorial regime

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