The Fifth and "Final" Round of Voting

Irina Gueorguieva Bokova (Bulgaria) and Farouk Hosny (Egypt) are the two remaining candidates in the election, after a tied vote in the fourth round on 21 September. The fifth and final round is scheduled to take place at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday 22 September.

According to the New York Times:
If the vote remains tied on Tuesday, the 193-member General Conference will choose a new director general next month, and Mr. Hosny is expected to win in the larger body, where Egypt is thought to have more influence.
Here are some articles following the tie on the 4th round:



  1. I don`t understand: in case of new tie between Farouk and Irina there will be a draw in the Executive Council or vote in the General Conference?

  2. Deutsche Welle states that if there is a tie today, the decision will be made by drawing lots.

    I suspect that if there is a tie today, the General Conference will decide between the two candidates no matter what the Executive Board does. The rules for the election state that the General Conference can reject the recommendation of the Executive Board and in that case the Executive Board is required to submit an new nominee. In this case, the rejection of the first nominee by the General Conference would seem tantamount to selecting the other candidate in the fifth round.